Evangelist / Open Community Meeting - 7.16.2020

Here’s the recap from our previous Evangelist/Open Community Meeting. Also, please see our community call-to-action to help move the ecosystem forward! The more we share, the more we work better together.

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Community Wins :fire:

We started with the community wins where Joe highlighted all the winners from our Clarity Hack 2 Winners.

  • Congrats to Friedger for bringing home the 1st prize with Clarity Web IDE

  • 2nd place was Lumio - A visual clarity builder built my Marvin Janssen who’s developing Ryder, a blockstack identity hardware wallet.

  • Blockstack Dev Tool by Leo Pradel. Unprecedented wallet control for Clarity.

    Just so you know, we’re revisiting Smart Contracts for phase 3 so stay tuned for some big announcements!

The second win was the “Mining Script Demo w/ Jason” where he shows us how he does mining. The session goes into Virtual Box, Ubuntu Server and a one-liner shell script that install all the dependencies that you need for STX mining.

The last win was from Jenny, she highlighted that our town halls are becoming more and more decentralized. You don’t wanna miss this next one! Mark your calendar for our July townhall on the 31st.

Ecosystem Update :globe_with_meridians: @jrmith

Ecosystem rebrand - You find Jeff’s session here about the rebrand. It is important to have consistent branding within ecosystem especially with new entities coming up while drawing a clear distinction between all of them.
:white_check_mark: Leave official rebrand feedback on this forum post. Discuss rebrand in the #rebrand-feedback channel on Discord.
:white_check_mark: Sign up for a chance to get newly branded swag.

Stacks mono repo
:white_check_mark: Add suggestions, changes to the Stacks Mono Repo proposal here. Discuss the proposal in the developers’ #general channel on Discord.

Blockstack Connect Update :chains: c/o @markmhendrickson and @hank

Developers can look forward to using the new version of connect to sign a transaction using clarity smart contracts that are published in the stacks 2.0 testnet. Stay tuned for the announcement! :point_up:

Putting this out there → The UI/UX team needs our feedback to further improve the user experience before mainnet. So please connect with Mark and Hank if you have any! They are also looking for small group feedback session either 1 on 1, 2, or 3. So if you’re interested I’m more than happy to coordinate a time that works for everyone.

Also, Hank did a demo of the new connect. You can view it in the recording @ 10.44 onwards.

Business Model Working Group Update c/o @jrmith

Jenny reported the two most exciting things.

#HackStacks hackathon - Unique opportunity for business-minded folks and developer. Targeting around August. All ideas are crowdsourced from the community.

:white_check_mark:Check out the #HackStacks hackathon proposal.

Reading Group - A wonderful space for collaborative learning. Talking about crypto business models and innovation. They are currently auditing the crypto startup school provided by A16Z. If you wanna join, post a message in the #business-models thread in discord.

Governance Working Group Update c/o @whoabuddy

Proof of Transfer Working Group Update c/o @jrmith

  • Shoutout to all the test ambassadors for making our testnet friendly for everyone!

  • Please add educational resources that you made to the Testnet Resources doc.

  • Encouraging everyone to attend weekly demos, meet and greets

  • PoX whitepaper reading tomorrow!

  • Mining Script Demo

  • Shoutout to Jason for his Zero-to-testnet series Please add educational resources that you made to the Testnet Resources doc.

[Preview] Delegator services initiative @fintechrecruiter.id

  • Non-custodial stacking services! If you have any questions you can shoot Nako an email at [email protected]