Evangelist Minutes Meeting - 4.11.2019

Thanks for joining the call yesterday everyone! Here’s a recap of our community updates. :point_down:


We kicked off April with Blockstack meetups all over the horizon. :blockstack: Here are some highlights:
TOKYO: Louise lead the Zero-to-Dapp Workshop w/ HashHub Tokyo
LA: Patrick and Alex Lee of Debut joined the informal meetup of Cryptomondays LA.
NYC: Jude was in Empire Hacking NYC exposing the flawed Byzantine fault tolerance of the CBC Casper protocol family suite.
SEATTLE: @hank Introduce Blockstack to Seattle University Web Developers Meetup
SAN FRANCISCO: @ginxh and Patrick started the 4 month series for Blockstack SF that is focused on dAPP developers with advanced functionality for expanded front end library support and social networking functionality.
REMOTE: @Gina, Brittany and Katherine Wu lead Level UP: Women in Emerging Tech - A series that delved into the art of creating space and making one’s voice heard in emerging industries.

Upcoming Meetups and events next week!
PARIS: @Trottola organized a meet and greet with Larry alongside Paris Blockchain Week
HAMBURG: @friedger will introduce Blockstack to PWC & Blockchain Mania Community
NYC: Muneeb will give a talk on"The Blockstack Decentralized Computing Platform." The talk will touch on the evolution of decentralized computing and detail Blockstack’s technical stack.
AUSTIN: @aaron and @jehunter5811 will introduce Blockstack and Graphite to Austin Node JS Community.

Are you up for some coding challenge? Come and join our second week of Hackathon Blitz. See the tweet for Hackathons near you :sunglasses:

Let’s also welcome @ankit90_anand our new evangelist in Noida who is currently planning a technical workshop with @ShankarGanesh_PJ :hammer_and_wrench:

Blockstack community is fastly growing. If you wanna get involved ping @shannon and I :earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia: