Evangelist Meeting Minutes - September 20, 2018

Good to see you all again today and thank you to Jude, our special guest.

Today we covered:

  • The Stacks Blockchain
    ** Why are we building it?
    ** What makes it different?
    ** How does it work?
  • Decentralizing the World Tour (thanks Louise for his marketing and design help!).
    ** We’re currently helping support the planning of 32 Meetups
    ** For early next year we’re thinking about working with a group of projects and companies to plan another series of meetups - your suggestions on groups we should work with are welcome!
  • Shankar gave us an update on the teams that formed at his hackathon
  • Next week Harry will walk us through one of the apps he’s been working on
  • Dan and Harry suggested we bring in someone to talk through a couple roadmap items, Mitchell to follow-up
  • We also want someone to come chat about various developer experience items such as APIs and why certain things were done the way they were for better understanding of the platform as a whole.
  • Next week we’ll have Patrick come give us the download on App Mining, we want ‘the pitch’ and any key information about the program we can share as well as tips on talking about the program with developers.