Evangelist Meeting Minutes October 18, 2018

Hey everyone, today was quiet on the call so we went quickly! Thank you to Subhasree, Dan, Louise, and Shannon for joining. I posted these updates in Slack today as well, the highlights for this week are:

  1. The App Mining announcement went out today! Please share, this is a really huge tool for growing the Blockstack ecosystem (and congrats Dan Trevino for being one of the first to receive a payout!) https://blockstack.org/blog/introducing-app-mining/
  2. Louise Ivan (@L on slack) is contracting with us until the end of the year to help you all with Meetups, so leverage him, he’s a great resource and talented Meetup curator and graphic designer
  3. There’s another big announcement tomorrow, I mentioned it in Slack so go there if you’d like to know more, but I will wait to post here until it’s out tomorrow.