Evangelist Meeting Minutes - November 1st, 2018

Hey everyone, great call today! Thanks for all the input, suggestions, and questions.

Recording: Video | Audio (I missed some of the beginning discussion because it didn’t start when I thought it did, but we come in about 1/3 of the way in to the App Mining/Reviewer discussion)


  • We discussed App Reviewers for App Mining, the issues we see with the current setup, ideas for how we can improve that going forward. Chime in on Patrick’s post, it’ll be up soon! And here’s the original announcement post.

  • The Genesis Block was launched enabling some exciting future improvements and distributing tokens to those that were part of the accredited sale in 2017. Technical updates on the forum.

  • We quickly recapped the new Token Fund Advisory Board. Meet them and learn more in the announcement post.

  • We’ve quietly put the Stacks Token website out at https://stackstoken.com/, you can also play with the Explorer at https://genesis.stackstoken.com/

  • Louise provided an update on the Decentralizing the World Tour, it stopped in Stamford, Vancouver, Seattle, Berlin, and DC last week and is set to be in 9 more upcoming.

  • Shannon let us know that the dates for the big Hong Kong (January 10th) and San Francisco events are moving to accommodate more awesome speakers being included.

We’d also love your input and ideas for the following:

  • Suggestions for organizations that would make for great partnered events as part of the next tour. We’re currently thinking about folks like Lightning, Aragon, and others.
  • Suggestions for people that would make for a productive and lively debate were we to invite them to discuss a topic with one another at an event.
  • Suggestions (or volunteering yourself) for folks that would be interested in writing about decentralization, dapps, or other related topics on Blockstack and App.co channels.
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Out of curiosity, is it possible to see the genesis block data? I always love being able to look at the first blocks of blockchains and see what initial data that chain first processed! :smiley:

(I’m such a nerd… :nerd_face: )

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It’s here: https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack-core/blob/master/blockstack/lib/genesis_block.py. You may have to download it directly, since it’s too big for Github to give a preview.


Dang! That’s a really big block! Thanks for the link though! It’s quite cool!

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