Evangelist Meeting Minutes - May 24

Video Recording
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Call Agenda

App.co Announcement
App.co launched! This is meant to be a space to help users discover Decentralized apps (including non Blockstack dapps) - think app store. We’re hoping this grows into a tool developers can use to amplify their projects. If you know of any good Dapps, please submit!
The App.co Blog will launch next week.

Strategic focus update for Community Team
We (the Blockstack Community team) will be shifting our focus to support high quality hackathons that have a more relevant developer audience to Blockstack. We’re still supporting inbound event requests, so this shouldn’t bring any changes to Evangelists. However we wanted to share in the spirit of transparency.

Hackathon Attendee Guide
We’ve put together a guide to help an attendee navigate Blockstack at a Hacakthon. Feel free to share, or let us know if you have any feedback.

Getting started on Blockstack
The community guide is meant to help you better understand Blockstack, including our history, where to find key resources etc. Note: this was put together as a supplemental resource. The Evangelist Toolkit is still our main hub for resources and links.

Questions Asked on the Call

Omar: Apps: Is App.co used for recommendations for dapp ideas, or existing dapps? Is there a Dapp for Dating?
  • Think of App.co like an app store for decentralized apps. Its meant to be a list of working Dapps that are out in the market. Check out Luna - which is working on a
Shankarganesh - where is the search bar for App.co?
  • We wanted to get out the MVP as quickly as possible (it was launched without a search bar). The search bar is on the roadmap and will be coming soon.
Chris: We're hosting a Hackathon in Atlanta on June 1st. And plan to host another 10 in different cities. Not a question, but offering to help anyone who wants to learn how to organize a hackathon.
  • please reach out to @ChrisPorter on Blockstack’s slack. Thanks Chris!
Loc: I'd like to build a locally hosted Blockstack website in Vietnamese. Is it ok to use the Blockstack branding?

Great question. You’re welcome to use the logos, but we’re concerned that creating another site may create confusion. It may be easier to localize our existing site so that we can keep on top of updates/version control. We’ll get back to you.

Omar: how can I use Blockstack's Meetup.com account?
  • We’re happy to add you to our account. Reach out to us on slack or email community’at’blockstack.com
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The video recording doesn’t work for me when I’m not signed in - audio recording does. @Jbead - it looks like it’s set to only allow blockstack users access.

Thanks for the heads up. Just updated access rights, visible to anyone with the link.