Evangelist Meeting Minutes - May 10

Video Recording
Audio Only Recording

Call Agenda

Stacks Testnet
We’re Excited to announce the launch of the Stack Testnet this week. The testnest will allow developers to play with stacks as a token. On Testnet you can buy name spaces and setup and use stack tokens instead of bitcoin.
For those that would like to learn more, we suggest starting with the Testnet Youtube Tutorial and our in-depth forum post.

Bounties for Referring Evangelists
Along with Bounties for Bugs, and Stacks for Organizing Events, the Blockstack Community now has incentives for referring new Evangelists. As a reminder, the full list of up to date, open bounties, can be found on https://contribute.blockstack.org/.

Request for Social Network - Bounty Announcement
We’ve launched a new startup Bounty for Decentralized Social Networks. Ten teams will be selected to each receive $100,000 and participate in a Demo Day. This Program to spur on activity for teams to develop a decentralized social network. More details: https://www.requestforsocialnetworks.com/

Signature Referral update
If you see a great startup, that you think would benefit from Blockstack. Please let us know, we’d love to help them and can potentially provide mentorship and funding.

How to Request Blockstack Swag
We’re happy to send your event Blockstack Swag! You can request everything from shirts to stickers using this link (which you can find in the Evangelist Toolkit).

Consensus Conference
The Blockstack team will be at Consensus this week. We’d love to see you if you plan on attending. We’ll be hosting a Blockstack Meetup/Happy Hour on Monday May 13 @6:30pm - You can Register here.

Questions Asked on the Call

Mike: I know a startup team that is working on a decentralized platform for sharing Art. Where should I refer them?
  • Based off the description of the team, we suggest sending them https://community.blockstack.org/refer to start. Don’t worry to much about the right channel to send a team, we’d prefer people overshare when in doubt.
As an Evangelist, How can we get exposure to existing projects that are using Blockstack? It would be great to use these as case studies at our events.
  • Great idea! We dont have a list created, but we’ll add this to the request list. For now if you would like to share a list of teams, you can log into the Blockstack Browser to see working apps. We will work on getting a Blockstack App founder to present on an upcoming Evangelist Call.
Daniel Commented: Masari put out a tear sheet than might be helpful for Blockstack to review:
Mike: Last meeting we talked about sharing the Blockstack Roadmap, Where is it?
  • The Roadmap is still in the works, and has been a bit slower to put together. We have this on the list of items to share and promise to post it as soon as it’s available.
Daniel: I'm new to Blockstak tech. What are the best resources I can share with the Developer community? How can I best share the Blockstack message?
  • We feel the same problem. We’re in the process of putting together more resources to help with this in the Evangelist Toolkit. You can expect to find more presentations like this which may help. We will schedule one of our developers to present on an upcoming Evangelist call to help make sure this group understands the tech as well.
Mike Comment: One thing that helped me with that process was digging out the old Youtube videos.