Evangelist Meeting Minutes - July 19th, 2018

Welcome back everyone, good to see you again. Here’s what we covered today:

Audio Recording
Video Recording


  • Evangelist Resource Hub - hopefully this is a useful central place for key links and resources. https://community.blockstack.org/evangelist-resources
  • Meetup Guide, these are some new resources to help with Meetups, let us know what you think. We’re developing more ready-made Meetup content so stay tuned
  • Meetup Tour, we’ll be hosting a global speaker series and want to invite your Meetup Groups to join the tour, more information to come shortly. Let us know if you’re interested here --> https://community.blockstack.org/host-a-meetup
  • Hired Mary, an amazing documentation engineer, her sole job is to make our documentation better and crate tutorials. She’s started with some updates to the Android SDK documents and should be launching new resources for devs soon.
  • There’s a new website on the way, provide your input here if you’d like! We would appreciate it
  • The team wrapped up OKR planning and is laser focused going forward, on that note let’s talk a bit about roadmap with our Product Lead, Jeff
  • Jeff our Product Lead joined to talk about roadmap and roadmap difficulties, you can view his drafts here.
  • There’s a soft freeze on the Community Rewards Platform (contribute.blockstack.org aka token gun). We’ll be paying out in Bitcoin and not strongly emphasizing the program, but are not taking it down either. There’s a possibility we’re working toward in which you also get paid in Stacks (in addition to BTC - double your money) when and if we’re legally able
  • App Rewards Mining - We’ll be rolling out different experiments related to App Rewards Mining, a concept from our whitepaper that directly pays developers for building valuable applications on Blockstack. Look for more information on this soon.

Action Items:

  • Help Matt find a venue in San Francisco
  • Introduce Matt to Shannon re: conferences/speaking engagements

I love the roadmap :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: