Evangelist Meeting Minutes - 8.30.2018

Thanks again everyone, here’s the recap from the latest meeting!


  • We recapped the roadmap and thanked you all again for pushing us to get this published. It will be regularly updated and we will be doing our best to make sure this group knows about any big changes first. https://blockstack.org/roadmap/
  • We talked about the app.co redesign, we’re very open to feedback on making it more useful. If you haven’t seen it, it is live on app.co for you to peruse.
  • We updated everyone on the tour - we are happy to report we have had CRAZY levels of interest, we’re now working with about 30 cities for Meetup tour stops. I updated the site last night, if you see one you want to get involved with that you’re not already just ping me! https://community.blockstack.org/decentralizing-world-tour
  • I took requests for topics and/or guests for the next meeting:
    **Dan was interesting in hearing more about the Stacks blockchain, big picture, etc.
    **Harry will likely present at an upcoming session on his directory dapp
    **Would love to hear from more of you what you’d like to see for next time, we’ll make it happen!

Thanks for those who joined, sorry we missed those of you that couldn’t. We’ll see you next time!

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