Evangelist Meeting Minutes - 3.14.2019

Hey everyone, quick call today so no video or audio, but here are the links and updates to note!

  • Join us or have your community join one of the upcoming virtual workshops, there is one on Radiks and one on Compliance and we’re planning more!
  • Speaking of Radiks, check out Banter, a demo app to show off the social features it’s not easy to add to Blockstack apps.
  • There are several new events and meetups to our calendar. Check them out here: https://community.blockstack.org/events
  • Zero to Dapp tutorial: Reach out to Shannon w/ any feedback from the tutorial session. Do you have any questions from what was discussed? Feel prepared to conduct a meetup with the information learned?
  • Blockstack Local: we have adjusted the point system to levels, which will still result in prizes. The document is currently with our legal team for review.

Blockstack upcoming Meetups this March 10 organized by Blockstack Evangelists :muscle:

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