Evangelist Meeting Minutes - 2.14.2019

Sorry for the late recap folks, I totally forgot to submit these. Thanks for joining everyone!


  • Dan’s question about BNS from last week, followed up but no update on that particular feature, suggest reaching out on the forum to make the case for priority. Roadmap to be updated in the next couple weeks.
  • Reminder: Engineering meetings are open, more and RSVP
  • New version of the browser released!
  • Radiks, awesome framework for making complex, collaborative apps easy with Blockstack
  • Virtual workshops filled up FAST, we are planning more.
  • Mary will be in next week to take us through Zero-to-Dapp!
  • App Miner’s Success Guide is coming soon
  • We were at Treehacks, lot’s of other events coming up (tell @shannon or @louiseivan if you want to go one!)
  • We’re going to pushback more review on the suggestions for Blockstack Local and 1983 to get more input from the team.

Dapps you should try!

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Recall - you have me in the first half.

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