Error: Update failed. Already in queue

Hello everyone,

I have followed this article in order to update my zone file and put some verifications in my profile. I had already registered my name so the remaining steps were:

  1. Create the profile according to a specific JSON schema and sign it
  2. Upload the profile to a public service (I chose IPFS)
  3. Create my zone file with the URL of the public profile

I have checked with the command blockstack verify_profile that the profile was correctly signed and with the command blockstack validate_zone_file that the zone file had the correct format. Now, when I run blockstack update giancarlogiuffra.zonefile and after choosing the option (g) Save zonefile I get the following error:

“error”: “Update failed.\nAlready in queue.”

I have searched around for a solution to this but I haven’t found anything. An extract of the output of the command blockstack info is:

"queues": {
        "update": [
                "confirmations": 1750,
                "errors": [
                    "Failed to store profile"
                "name": "",
                "tx_hash": "bb5259ab58198692c759d707d8e34c852fbca3a0ed21f02dc30cf22486d51f3c"

I’m stuck, I hope someone can point me to the right direction. Thank you for your help.