"Error submitting name registration"

What does “Error submitting name registration” mean?

I use Chrome on a localhost “http://localhost:8888”, have enough balance in my wallet and try for a couple of days to claim a custom user name that is still available.

Why does this not work?

See also Name registration for *.id always ends in "Error submitting name registration"

Is this a general issue or bug?

Thanks for any hints.

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

What version of the Blockstack Browser are you running?
Do you see any errors in your browser’s javascript console? (See here for chrome)

Dear moxiegirl,

Thanks! Happy new year.

  1. My version is 0.23.0

  2. My error messages:

Hi @posth,

Happy New Year to you too!

Could you upgrade your local installation to the latest and try again? Here you will find that the latest release is V0.35.2

Thank you,


Hi Mary,

I updated the browser and reset the browser. Still does not work.

Best, Sebastian

I also tried using a different browser: Safari and Chrome, latest versions. Still same feedback, when I try to register ID.

@posth sounds like this is a distinct bug from from the one @markmhendrickson reported. Is there a separate bug for this here: https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack-browser/issues

If not, would you please add one? I’m happy to do this but don’t want to drop any helpful details or context you have on the problem. Sorry about this.

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Thanks, done:


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