Enhancement Request: Quota / Remaining Storage Information

My understanding is that the default GAIA app buckets in common use today provide ~5mb of storage. When an app exceeds this, an error message is presented (can’t recall the specific one). It would be helpful if we could get a measure of the maximum storage provided by a bucket and the current usage of a bucket. This way we can:

  • Warn users to take action
  • Automatically take action for the user

Is this currently possible or on the development roadmap?

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The default gaia storage system has a 5mb per file storage limit. There isn’t otherwise a quota system in place yet, but we will likely enable a quota system once usage increases sufficiently.

In the event of enabling such a quota system, we could have gaia hub’s error response indicate the quota, and include a X-GAIA-QUOTA: "4mb used is near quota Zmb" header on POSTs that approach the quota.

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This is really interesting Aaron. Did I mis-understand in thinking the entire bucket is limited to 5mb? (You’re wording says 5mb per file.)

We’ve been holding off on implementing attachments in Stealthy because of this perceived limitation, but if it is 5mb/file that changes things :thinking::crossed_fingers:

The limit is definitely 5mb per file, not for the entire storage bucket. So, for Graphite, I have one file as sort of an index for docs or sheets or files. And that file refers to the individual files for a document or a spreadsheet or a photo.

It sounds like there will eventually be an overall quota limit though, so this notification will be important.

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