Engineering Update - Week 1, March 2016

In the last update we told you about the release of (a) blockstack CLI, (b) an academic paper on the design of blockstack, and © a bunch of blockstack tutorials. Here are the highlights from last week:

  1. We organized our Github libraries and added an overview page which is a great starting point for any developer that is beginning to explore the codebase. The overview page also lists current maintainers for different repos. Now you know who to contact if you have further questions about any particular library.

  2. SQLite Migraiton: Work on ver 0.0.11 of blockstack-server is coming along nicely. The migration from a file-based DB to SQLite is almost complete and is being heavily tested. You can have a look at the latest commits here. Below is a screenshot of Jude announcing that the new SQLite implementation is passing consensus tests:

  3. Mutable Storage: We’re in the middle of moving from “immutable storage” (where all data is stored in the DHT and data hashes are in the blockchain) to “mutable storage” (where DNS zone files are stored in the DHT and actual signed data is stored on cloud storage). The two repos to watch for this work are (a) blockstack-profiles-js and (b) dns-zone-file-py.

  4. CLI Testing: We have also been fixing some installation issues with the CLI. Thanks to rikur, koinster, and cyanoboy for reporting these issues and suggesting improvements. Giving us more feedback on the CLI is a great way to help the project right now.

Stay tuned for more updates next week!

– Muneeb

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