Dropbox storage connection stopped working

I am trying to create a blockstack ID. The browser no longer allows me to connect to Dropbox.


I funded my btc wallet and started the process yesterday night, I was able to initially connect to Dropbox and have the profile file for my account be pushed to my Dropbox connection.

Then there was a prompt for a brower update and after the update I am unable to choose anything other than the default storage.

Hope the above screenshot help.

How do I register my ID, with the latest version?

Hey @preetham,

We had to temporarily disable Dropbox support over the course of the token sale. By default, your profile will still be replicated to your local disk and to a bucket on Azure. We plan to re-activate it soon afterwards :slight_smile:

The ID registration is separate from profile storage, however. You should be able to proceed as usual to set up your profile and add a Blockstack ID to your ID address without storage.

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How soon will Dropbox and other storage options be turned back on?

We haven’t turned dropbox back on, but there is a migration tool to fix your IDs with dropbox configured. See this post: Tool for updating zonefile/renewing Browser Names