Dropbox not storing files in the expected way


I was trying my hand at the to do app. I connected my dropbox storage with Blockstack but the to-do items do not get stored there. Am I missing something here?

@abhishekraj What version of Blockstack are you running? You need to upgrade to the latest version of Blockstack. We no longer use dropbox as our default storage but all of the details of the tutorial remain the same.

I downloaded the mac os app v0.17.1 blockstack-browser, and I was experimenting on to-do app from the tutorials. The to do list was supposed to be stored as json in blockstack folder under apps in dropbox, but I did not get such files there.

Another thing I was trying was to make some modifications to hello blockstack app. I just added a few input text boxes and was trying the putFile API call which is supposed to (as far as I understand) save the data somewhere. Below is the PUT call (just sharing for clarity) which is going fine


But when I try to get todos.json file, it returns empty JSON. I am not quite able to understand if the data is actually getting stored somewhere. I am a little confused.

If you could help provide some clarity on these, that would really be helpful.

@abhishekraj We have moved away from dropbox for storage. Please download the latest version of blockstack (v0.18.1) and give this another try. You may also want to clear the local storage in your browser (localStorage.clear()). If you have any names registered in that wallet make sure you have your backup phrase before your clear your localStorage.

This might be helpful if you have names with dropbox in the zonefile: Tool for updating zonefile/renewing Browser Names