Dotpodcast & App Mining Thoughts

Is Dotpodcast actively in development? It’s last commit on Github was 11 months ago. It seems like it got featured on the main page and then soon after development ceased. I’d recommend this be removed from the Blockstack landing page.

The token apps could use a cleanup as well. Faast doesn’t appear to have Blockstack login option anymore; CoinKitty hasn’t updated their Gaia Storage library, thus you can’t login; and Coinstack & Coinfort don’t appear to even have functioning sites.

All of this makes Blockstack appear to be an empty shopping mall of sorts; you’re walking around and you see all these stores that are boarded up.

On a larger point the Blockstack browser landing page should be curated on a regular basis, adding new apps and removing old ones that aren’t in development or management, at least moving them somewhere else further down. Having this up front keeps the better apps from being found. This is one of the first things new users will see when they onboard to Blockstack and by not keeping up with it makes Blockstack seem a less trustworthy or even defunct.

Also I find it strange that a lot of the apps that are receiving mining rewards aren’t even listed on the Blockstack browser page. I feel like that should almost be a requirement to participate in App Mining; it also makes it a lot easier for new users to find these apps, as opposed to going to

These are just my observations.


Thanks for your thoughts! We’re incidentally planning on addressing the problems you indicate during our next sprint of work, per this GitHub issue:

I agree with your points 100% and hope we resolve them adequately. Please let us know here or in that issue if you have more recommendations.

4 Likes definitely needs some sort of cleanup. I comb through the api for Blockstack compatible apps to put it into my browser and there’s so many dummy/outdated apps it’s not even funny (see pic below). Being able to sort by AppMining participants would keep it clean and make sure only apps that are actively in development (and compatible) are featured.

note: it seems there’s a related issue here for those interested:


@MichaelFedora Just to add a note here, the API has this functionality but it’s not really meant for use externally :slight_smile: We have a lot of filters set internally to sort the apps. We might at some point release an improved / apps api for public use, but it’s not like that currently.

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Doesn’t look like it’s exposed at all to the third party users unfortunately… I guess it’s only used internally?

See: Graphite’s entry in your API.

Yeah that looks like an old response format or from a different endpoint. Regardless, we haven’t put the time in yet to have this api make sense to anyone external or third party apps yet. We’d love to probably move in that direction but currently we’re only focusing on using it internally.

Getting back on topic a bit, we’re actively working on the issue of the stale apps on the browser homepage and hope to have a resolution to it soon :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing this up.