Domain Migrations for Hiro-hosted Services

Domain Migrations for Hiro-hosted Services

We are migrating!


Hiro-hosted services currently running on and the much older are now migrating to This move is part of an ongoing effort to better reflect the nature of the products and ensure that all Hiro products operate on Hiro’s domain. This migration will be rolled out over the next few weeks, and we expect to fully migrate all our products in April. We will share the latest updates for each of these as we roll out the changes.


In addition to our Hiro-built and hosted APIs, we operate and host a few mission-critical services for our ecosystem, including (but not limited to) our private Bitcoin nodes, Seed nodes, Gaia storage, and API. We have been operating these services at the domain, and now as we revamp our infrastructure with new K8s clusters, this also is an excellent time for us to move them to the domain and branding to better reflect their status and ownership.

This domain migration will also impact The Explorer will migrate to .

If you are a developer using our:

  • API, Clarinet or stacks.js: You need to use our new home for the API: when the service goes live at an announced date in an upcoming post.

If you are a node operator:

If you use the explorer:
The experience will be the same (or better!) as before. Traffic to will simply redirect to Check out our release roundups for monthly updates on the latest improvements to the Stacks Explorer.

Here’s more detail on each service being migrated and their new homes.

Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 12.24.08 PM

What’s Next :

  1. In the upcoming weeks, we will migrate the remainder of our services across Testnet and Mainnet, starting with the API .
  2. In addition to the API, Hiro hosts a Registrar service at the centre of registration for subdomains like .id, .stx, and .btc as part of Phase 3, we will migrate our Registrar services to their new homes.
  3. Hiro also hosts Gaia Hub, which is used as a decentralized storage layer across the Stacks ecosystem. We will also be migrating this at the tail end of this process.
  4. We will share the updated new homes and timelines for all these services as we roll these new clusters out. We will redirect traffic from our current and to

We will notify our users ahead of each phase of the upcoming migration.


The following services will be redirected from their existing traffic destination for a service running on the old cluster ( or to a service running on the new cluster ( for a short time during each phase:

API, Blockchain Pools, Explorer, Registrar, Gaia Hub

To continue using the following services domains, you will need to start using the new URLs; we will eventually decommission the old service domains: Seeds and Gaia Storage

Watch out for more updates in this space, and contact us if you have any questions.



I am interested to see how the gaia storage move will work. 500k zone files need to be updated?

Same question!

Yeah, you’re going to want to keep and around.

Note: Archiver already runs on and will not be part of the migration

All valid concerns on Gaia Hub, Gaia warrants an alternative strategy than copying the existing data over. For some context: Requesting Input: Gaia Hub - Costs and Future Plan - #15 by movingforward Gaia storage is the bulk of Hiro’s monthly infra expense, it has been sky rocketing and not sustainable for us in the long term.

An ideal solution will be for us to start from scratch in the new clusters which isn’t necessarily the ideal solution for our users. In the following weeks we will be actively reaching out to all our users to discuss a timeline and strategy for the migration.