Does Blockstack support removal/revoking of profiles?

Adrian asks in slack

Does Blockstack support removal/revoking of profiles? I assume profile information cannot be removed as it’s stored on chain?


Some background: Profile information is not stored on chain. Only the hash of the zonefile (which in turn tells you how to find the profile information) is stored on chain. Profile information is typically stored on a server like S3.

You can remove profile information by deleting that file. You can revoke a name using the blockstack revoke command of the blockstack cli.

By revoking a name does this remove the hash from the registry contract? By removing the hash this deems the profile inaccessible?

Revoking a name sends a bitcoin transaction with the name revoked operation which the blockstack core state engine interprets as removing the name from the set of registered name and opens it up for re-registration by a new owner.

The value hash of the zonefile remains in the blockchain (as do all previous value hashes).

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