Does blockstack have their own domains?

Does blockstack have their own domains? Can you reserve domain names?

Yes, currently we have domains called Blockstack ID’s. This process will be much easier in a couple weeks, but for now, download the CLI and then register a name.

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You can register domains in the .id namespace currently. Domains in the .id namespace are called Blockstack IDs as they’re meant for people. Soon there will be other Top-Level Domains (TLDs) on Blockstack, and you’ll be able to register domains there as well. You can create your own namespace/TLD as well. It’s a completely decentralized system.

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Thanks for the info! :grinning: Your hyperlinks are probably fine, I could have poked around a little more. 5 minutes probably doesn’t = understandings the particular nomenclature.

I think that firebaseapp link was just something being used for internal testing. Could you let me know where you found that? We may need to remove it :wink:

There is a “Importing an Identity?” post it’s in the discussion as a link.

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Thanks! We removed the link from there as well.

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