Documentation tools

Ran across Gitbook over the weekend - it’s a documentation tool.

It syncs docs between their interface which can exist at a custom domain and the github repo in markdown format which makes it open source friendly.

Thoughts about using this to organize our Blockstack docs?

Here’s an example:

Any other tools that people like?


Throwing in some more projects I know (although I think that Gitbook is the best of these):

Besides, I’d really like to put more documentation in one easily discoverable place :slight_smile: (Though there are things that should live in the respective repositories, like the Core endpoint documentation or the code documentation for blockstack.js, but I think these need at least a place where there are all linked.)

Just found, a static site generator made for documentation. I’m also sure that there are documentation templates for various static site generators.


Gitbook is great. Do note however that so far they have not made any promises to open source the latest version, which is concerning.

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What about just using markdown files and then syncing them to .org?

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