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Greetings everyone,

I had my onename account for a long time and am really looking forward to the blockstack browser making all this stuff a bit more accessible over time.

Is there already a documentation for this somewhere? I know people will have questions, e.g. the subject of getting your onename id over to your blockstack system. How to secure your system and back it up, especially when you hold your personal ID locally on your computer or rather somewhere. There will likely be a lot of questions and I can try to help but where :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany,



Yes, this would be great! I signed up to Blockstack ages ago with a Onename account and now I’m looking to try to transfer it over to the Blockstack browser system. (I bought the 0.01 BTC in Blockstack browser to try to claim my name but it being in Onename I couldn’t so now I have to try transfer it.) I would love docs on this as I don’t really want to start building Blockstack apps until I can get my identity sorted.

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hey @othylmann & @ootoovak, I’ve created a GitHub issue here for you.

That is great @guylepage3 thanks for that. If it could also cover this case I am currently trying to solve that would be great as well. Sent Onename to the wrong Blockstack address, can I correct it?