Do you plan to build a browser addon for the major browsers to surf Blockstack?

vsund wrote on slack:

Do you plan to build a browser addon for the major browsers to surf on Blockstack-registered names/sites? I guess it would bring more people to try Blockstack because they haven’t to get used to a completely new browser.
Or even work on integrate in major browsers by default. I think the progressive companies like Mozilla or Google are open for stuff like this :slight_smile:

Yes, we’re building an app installer that you can download that will automatically allow your existing browsers to surf blockstack IDs and sites. The app will just run in the background.

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Great :slight_smile:

Is it possible to create commandline options for this? Would be cool to get a authenticated gpg key out of blockstack which could be piped into gpg with i.e.
blockstack-app get-gpg-key | gpg --import

Ah yes that’d be pretty cool. Tagging @jude and @muneeb on this one as they’re working on the CLI.

Jude started building a GPG tool:

It’d be great to get that integrated with the CLI.

To clarify, the Blockstack installer that we’re coming out with soon gives you access to the Blockstack internet.

You download and install it and then all of your browsers become Blockstack browsers.

You could say Blockstack has it’s own browser. You could also say it has a browser addon, but it’s not an addon in the same sense as an official plugin or extension.

This is soooo exciting! Any estimate for when the same thing might be available for mobile?

Unclear on when it’ll be available for mobile but we’ll keep you updated.

This could be something that we offer for the mobile web fairly soon. Just depends on the tradeoffs we make.