Discussion: Some solutions to smart contract security challenges

Good morning/afternoon/evening, I am working on a school research assignment regarding the smart contract security challenges, and there is a requirement for us to engage with a practitioner with deep expertise in blockchain and smart contracts, to seek some comments for the solutions aiming to overcome the smart contract security challenges, just wondering if you are interested in have a look at the solutions and give some short feedback(it can be very short) if you don’t mind, many thanks.

  1. Establish upgradable smart contracts via separating business logic and data storage into separate contracts, and upgrade (Contract migration based on versioning) on demand to mitigate any potential losses via early detection of vulnerabilities and quick response.

  2. Establish the standardization of the process for establishing well-secured smart contracts, and provide a comprehensive guide for practitioners during development, such as mitigation measures to common security risks according to best practices.

  3. Develop a scalable deep learning model based on comprehensive vulnerability datasets, which helps automated vulnerability detection.

  4. Establish a reward mechanism for detecting vulnerabilities, users who contributed to the security improvement of the open-source code base will be rewarded, motivating the community to develop automated security monitoring tools to realize large-scale detection more effective.