Discuss Solid + Blockstack

This site was featured on the front page of Hacker News this evening: https://solid.mit.edu

The intro reads:
“Solid is an exciting new project led by Prof. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, taking place at MIT. The project aims to radically change the way Web applications work today, resulting in true data ownership as well as improved privacy”

Reading through the site, it sounds like theres some overlap between what Solid and Blockstack aim to accomplish.

Here’s the Hacker News discussion. Excellent opinions and material there about current opinions on data ownership. (Blockstack was also mentioned.)

And here is their thoroughly documented spec:

Just wanted to start a conversation here around Solid. Anyone have thoughts?


I’m still very new here to Blockstack and am just learning about Solid here. My question is, what are the core differences between the two (Solid & Blockstack) on the overlaps?

Bumping this thread on the Solid project. This relates to the broader topic of “collaboration” between Web 3.0 focused projects. If crypto projects have a chance to compete/catch-up with centralized internet app providers, it would happen faster if smaller projects cooperated towards mutual goals.

There are various projects with differing tech stacks overlap, with one or more features:

  • blockchain & token
  • decentralized storage
  • DID & Auth
  • Smart Contracts
  • etc.

Like the Algorand co-op on Clarity, if possible there should be more collaboration between projects that have their own blockchain+token, or not.

Eg. Solid uses WebID and there are lots of others (identity.foundation, Ethereum ENS) but how might Stacks ID’s iteroperate? Same with Solid “pods” (storage), Siacoin/IPFS/etc., and Gaia/BNS.