Different consensus hash on bns apis

At times there are different consensus hashes in https://core.blockstack.org/v1/blockchains/bitcoin/consensus & https://core.blockstack.org/v1/info and it takes some time for both of them to resolve to the same consensus_hash. This is a recurring pattern. If I assume that both the APIs are talking to the same BNS node, what could possibly be causing the difference in consensus hashes?

Each block has a different consensus hash, but as long as two nodes agree on the same consensus hash for the same block, it’s fine.

core.blockstack.org is the DNS endpoint for several blockstack nodes, which may be one or two blocks behind one another. That’s why you may see different results for /v1/blockchains/bitcoin/consensus. If you use the /v1/info API, you’ll see different consensus hashes for different last_block_processed values, which is expected, since different blocks will have different consensus hashes.