Dif between .id and a name registered using subdomain

Can someone explain the difference between registering as a .id and being registered in a subdomain? What things dont work? Example zone management, stuff like that. Appreciate the help

user.id or user.id.blockstack

The difference is explained here: https://docs.blockstack.org/core/naming/subdomains.html.

TL;DR anything you can do with on-chain names can also be done with subdomains; you just need a registrar’s help in some cases.

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I dont know why anyone would want a subdomain name (besides $). Maybe, if you want to fool around with an app that someone else is using? Why wouldnt we want to encourage people to own a .ID name? I own josephfoboyle.id, it has way more value as a global id than the same name with a subregistrar?. I believe everyone should have a .ID as part of their global security plan. Am I looking at this wrong?

I think the core reason is Blockstack PBC is the owner of .id.

They don’t wanna have too much power (centralization). And for me, that’s a good reason.

It’ll be awesome if we can make only 1 global .id truly decentralized.

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In an ideal world everyone should get their own .id username instead of a subdomain. But being able to register a subdomain instantly and for free is a significantly better user experience. A large number of people simply want the benefits of decentralized computing and privacy and don’t care about cryptocurrency. And therefore don’t own any.

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Blockstack should make .id free for everybody but then people can trade their .id with other.

I think people decide value of a thing (demand) not from manufacture. More detail is the negotiation between seller and buyer.

Great example is .id Blockstack itself, at first some people think $50 - $100 an .id is cheap (I bought 2 .id names). But then majority decide it’s $0, plus you have to give them something more.

If .id names were free then what stops a single person from registering every possible name? No one is profiting off of fees, the Bitcoin you spend to register the name is burned and doesn’t go to anyone. .id.blockstack names are free because Blockstack PBC is batching large numbers of name registrations into 1 transaction and subsidizes the transaction fee.

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So??? Please don’t tell me about Sybil attack because we both know that every social app our there has millions of bots. And if you wanna limit a user have like 1 million names: make them pay something: times, capcha, etc. Limit access: 1 ip = [1-10] id or even - sorry this is a bad one: one email = 1 id.

As a user, do I really care about it? No, what I care is why my .id names devalue from $50-$100 to $0. And it’s so obvious that it’s happened because you guys introduce new name spaces or whatever it called .blockstack .xyz.

Why names cost money in first round? Did I write the algorithm? You guys write it - you guys tell us that it worth to spend money to buy Blockstack id. And then you guys provides names are free.

I feel like whenever you guys have problems. Rather than go back and fix it, you guys make it more complex. (Look at app mining though - 2 entities is too much, you guys add 1 more = three, next time maybe 100 -> it’s not fix your problem though. It’s just nobody has time to go through 100 entities and check them all: so nobody care anymore)

User already told Blockstack what they want. How to make us happy is Blockstack jobs.

At my company, we spend money to has a chance to talk with customer, explain our products, services… If things go well, they come to our company. We ask them fill out the customer feedback, and 3-5 days later we call to ask them what they think or feel about our company…

If you do not put your customer first - you will have your best best friends as your customer (of course they do it to make you happy - they don’t like your product)