Did Gaia hub set uploading files limit no more than 25mb?

  1. I tried Mevaul and other Android blockstack file storage manager. They all limit the each file upload size to 25Mb,do gaiahub make this?
    Why can I upload files over 25 Mb by XOR drive?

  2. These site are not open source, how can I identify they use gaiahub as they said to store my data with privacy?

@jude. @muneebm

AFAIK XOR drive splits the file into 25mb chunks before uploading.

You can check it uses gaiahub by looking at the GET/POST requests via the browser dev dashboard (F12 for most browsers).

thanks for your answer. And recently I tried blackhole application, and curious the backend tech.

  1. After I login this app via my blockstack id, I can upload a file no more than 512 Mb on it and then get a unique download link. When I open that link on other computer browsers, I can download that file . Do this application use gaiahub? This application must be install on macOS application directory ,not like XOR driveweb applications( sites).

  2. This application also in the list of browser.blockstack.org. Its github address is :

Official website: https://blackhole.run

Is this a safe software I can install? How to view all my files that I uploaded if this app use gaiahub?If this site goes down, how can I find the files that I uploaded?

@MichaelFedora @jude @jehunter5811

You’ll have to ask the owner of the app.

If it uses Gaia as the storage backend then all of your files will be there – if the site goes down then they will be “lost forever” (not easily accessible), unless you do some weird finagling with creating a gaia auth key, list-files, and fetching each one of them – it’s not pretty (I’m trying to fix that with a project I’m working on … all in good time.)

So… if Xor drive goes down, my data files will be “lost forever”? even they still are being stored in Gaia Hub? Can I easily get files back to local computers?

@MichaelFedora @jude @muneebm @muneeb

No. Not yet anyways.

Currently you could get it by getting the Gaia Auth Token from the Browser by capturing it’s POST requests when you save your profile.json, then use that to do a /list-filesoperation to get all of your folders, and then read them.

If they’re encrypted (which they are on XOR drive) then you’ll also have to generate the XOR drive private key through blockstack.js and then use that to decrypt your files.

thanks a lot. lots of users don’t know how to get their files back from gaiahub after they uploaded file on Xor drive and blackhole. Can you write some tutorials about how to generate the “XOR drive”/blackhole private key through blockstack.js?and how to decrypt users’ files?