Development of Gaia Technology

Configuration and Deployment of Gaia Hub

Now Stacks 2 is on the way it’d be great to see some projects working to realise the potential of Gaia technology. See this post for background.

I’d be interested to know how the community see the evolution of Gaia technology?

As a priority we need a user friendly way to edit zone files, configure and deploy hubs and to connect hubs to more backend storage providers. Some key areas for development / investigation to my mind are;

  1. better support for traditional deployment of hubs (e.g. automated sidecar admin, docker, nginx / letsencrypt setup etc)
  2. serverless deployment of hubs (Azure, GC, AWS Lambda)
  3. extending backend storage providers (e.g. Dropbox)
  4. connection to decentralised storage (e.g. Filecoin)
  5. alternative implementations of hubs (esp. Java)

There is also research needed on how Gaia will play with ION and Microsoft’s Identity hubs and the sidetree protocol.

Lots of directions and multiple grant applications here - would love to hear what the community thinks and how they see the priorities around Gaia?

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For number 3 & 4, doesn’t that just mean writing new drivers? At one point there was a driver spec documented.