Development community platform?

Forgive me if this is a repeat question but I can’t seem to find an answer to it anywhere. Is there a good place where developers/community members can go and talk about Blockstack apps in development, how people are addressing certain issues in development, kind of like a stack overflow but for decentralized apps using blockstack. I’d love to learn more and help grow the community.


Adding to this, perhaps a list of ongoing development projects. A way that people can see what other people are building, so that they can work together.

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I wrote an extension to the pet-shop tutorial of truffle (the ethereum framework) at

Maybe we should start a blockstack app that allows to build such a community. Until then this forum should be a good place (I hope)

I´m interested in developing a Linkedin type of app with a new twist on recruitment and engagement from the community. I´m an Art Director/Web Designer and I´m looking for developers who are interested in collaborating. PM me.

I know there is a Blockstack Slack channel, but there’s a waiting list to join. Plus, it seems like they want to drive conversations away from Slack. It may be that any development community might have to be built onto this forum or in its own app.

Regardless, I’m in. There’s so much to talk about with Blockstack app development, it’d be nice to have a community.