Developer Wanted

The United States have 3,144 Counties. OurVote allows U.S. citizens the ability to post the issues about their County, City and/or State. Each pending post has the ability to be liked or disliked by the citizens and tracked by OurVote. The County, City and State Moderators elected by OurVote will review, categorize, approve and the ability to comment on pending post while reviewing content for duplicate posts, grammar and relevancy. County, City and State Quality Control Representatives will review rejected posts for impartiality and Citizen’s comments for content, spam and vulgarity. The Moderator will review and report to the District and State Representative. The County, City and State District Representative elected by OurVote is determined by the amount of counties, cities and posts in a state. The District Representatives will categorize and review the Top Liked Post with current officials and/or election candidates. The County, City and State Officials and/or election candidates will give a detail plan to resolve the Top Liked Posts. The Top Rated Official or Candidate will receive an Endorsement from OurVote.