Desktop App doesn't open

Hi there

I have downloaded the Blockstack Desktop App, but cannot open it nor delete it.

I use the Web App now which works pretty well, but I’d love to explore the Desktop App experience as well.

Anyone able to help?


Can you please post the URL from where you downloaded Blockstack?
Also, what Operating System are you installing it on?
And what steps are you taking to run it?
Kind regards,

Hi @Craig
Thanks for your reply.
I downloaded the app from:
My operating system is Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1
When I double click the app it just doesn’t open. I downloaded it a 3rd time just now and now when I double click it it opens the web application: http://localhost:8888/#coreAPIPassword=off&logServerPort=off&regtest=off
Best, Julian

Hey, the Blockstack browser on desktop runs as a local web app. What you’re seeing is normal.

Oh okay I see, thanks @yukan
But wouldn’t it be nice if you could launch it via the app? Pretty confusing for app users if they double ckick the app and nothing happens.

hey, the first time you double click the app the browser should open. Once it’s launched, it sits in your tray icon if you’re on a mac and you can open the browser again from there.

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