Delete an ID

Just wondering if it’s possible to delete an ID i accidentally made. I don’t see the option for it.

Once you create an identity, you can’t delete it. You can abandon or ignore it. Estranged identities like this can’t be used by another person or organization because only you have access to the 12 word recovery phrase.

Do ids expire if they are not renewed after a certain amount of time (e.g., 12 months) and then up for use by another individual?

It depends on the namespace, in the .id namespace for example, names are valid for about 2 years (105190 Bitcoin blocks).

That’s interesting @aaron. Are you saying if I create an it has a finite life? Do I have to renew it like a registration? Can I lose the registration? In other words, what makes an id invalid? And how would I know that my two years was up? We aren’t storing emails associated with IDs.

In that instance, no. Subdomains, unlike domains, do not expire. If you registered, say,, then yes, you would have to renew your registration. As a user, there’s basically no visibility into the expiration process — however blockstack-core’s API will tell you the block number that a given name expires at (in the expire_block field): ->

  "address": "1EJh2y3xKUwFjJ8v29a2NRruPJ71neozEE", 
  "blockchain": "bitcoin", 
  "expire_block": 617826, 
  "last_txid": "bd12c3c79e0a0acd9e44357dd901b3941c80b33ac5ec88bbbb497dc3739e28d3", 
  "status": "registered", 
  "zonefile": "$ORIGIN\n$TTL 3600\n_https._tcp URI 10 1 \"\"\n", 
  "zonefile_hash": "6454d4e7052279480fadca7ebd01a97b7a9ad26f"

Before that expiration date, you would need to issue a RENEW transaction, currently from the CLI.