Definition of 'basic info'

When signing into a new app via Blockstack a notification appears like this: “App wants to read your basic info , and read your email address”. What is the definition of ‘basic info’ in a Blockstack profile? Is it just your user id ( or does it also include your name, bio, and any social media accounts you’ve linked to your id? Given the focus on privacy for Blockstack it would be better if users had a clearer idea of what information they are providing to apps.

Basic info is all the info that the user has published in the public profile. The profile consists of the data that was entered via the blockstack browser (but it could be edited manually as well). It also includes the apps that share data in the user’s name.

If you lookup a username via the explorer you will see most of that data like here:

There is also a button to view the raw profile data, this is the full data that the app will have access to.

This is very helpful. Thanks!