⭐ Decentralized Grants Pilot Program - Stewards nominees final list - ⚠️LAST CALL to comment

:loudspeaker: Calling all community members!
We’re about to kick off our first-ever Community Grants Pilot Program and want #YOUR input before finalizing stewards.

:warning: Final stewards list (Please can everybody help retweet & share in your community?:pray:)

1/ :arrow_right:First, a quick overview:
Our Community De-Grants Pilot aims to empower YOU, our incredible community, by supporting projects that align with our values and goals.

Stewards will play a crucial role in reviewing incoming grants applications & shaping the governance

2/ :face_with_monocle: As a community together we openly & inclusively on Twitter Spaces reviewed ALL the nominees put forward.

:thread:Here’s the final list of stewards (their Twitter/X handles):
1⃣ NFT (4)

2⃣ Defi (3)

3⃣ BNS (2)

4⃣ DAO, Governance (2)

5⃣ Developer/Builder (2)

6⃣ Security (1)

7⃣ Community (7)

3/ :speech_balloon: We value your perspective immensely. If you have any #vouches, #concerns, or #suggestions related to the final stewards list, please share them in the comments below. :date: We will keep this feedback thread open until this Friday 8th Sep, 3pm ET.

4/ :star2: This is your chance to ensure #diversity, #inclusivity, and a wide range of perspectives in this pilot program.
We want to hear from as many of you as possible before we lock the list down for the pilot.

We appreciate your active involvement in shaping the future!

p.s. @longstreet_btc been vouched by others and would like to be part of this initiative for the pilot program, are you guys all okay with it?

If approved it will make: 5 NFT, 3 Defi, 2 BNS, 2 DAOs/Governance, 2 Developers, 1 Security, 7 Community representatives.

:speech_balloon:Pls comment on Twitter/X for maximum awareness & transparency: https://twitter.com/herogamer21btc/status/1698744730090168359

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