Decentralize the World Tokyo Roundup

Sunday, November 18, 2018 and Monday, November 19, 2018, the Decentralize the World Tour came to Tokyo!

HashHub meetup

@Omassoud and the HashHub team organized a Blockstack meetup at HashHub.

Koji, founder of HashHub, gave an introduction to Blockstack, followed by an overview of Blockstack apps by @Omassoud and a technical deep dive into the Blockstack Name System that I gave.

After the talks and question and answer, audience members created Blockstack IDs for the opportunity to get a Blockstack t-shirt.

Thank you to HashHub for providing the space and snacks and to everyone that came out in Tokyo on a Sunday evening!

Here is a write up by HashHub about the event! (in Japanese)


On Monday, November 19, 2018, I participated in a panel discussion with Benny Giang, founder of Cryptokitties. We discussed the differences between the Ethereum approach to building apps - putting code in a blockchain - and the Blockstack approach of using blockchains as little as possible and putting most code at the edges of the network. We also talked about the user experience and user interface challenges faced as we try to on-board more users.


@larry @Omassoud Great stuff and do please recording if you have one.

@ShankarGanesh_PJ unfortunately we didn’t do any videos. Next time!

@larry again thank you for all your support!!

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Awesome! Glad y’all got good turnout for it!
Also, that cat poster in the first image is the best thing ever! :smile:

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Thanks for the updates @larry

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