Data Storage w/ Blockstack

If you use a storage solution like Dropbox with Blockstack, how do you still own your own data? Doesn’t Dropbox still have the ability to see it?

Is the only true way to have your data in your own control to run your own server?

EDIT: I guess I am confusing control over where it is kept, with privacy. The data itself is not decentralized, just the ability to change data storage provider easily?

Data ownership is decentralized, since each user has unilateral control over where it gets hosted and which replicas are authoritative. Moreover, users sign their data, so no one else can alter it or impersonate the user. It’s possible to replicate data to multiple Gaia hubs, migrate data between them, and and change which ones get used, but it’s not yet easy (but we’re working on it!)

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Hey @jude,

We may have talked about this in Berlin and I forgot, but what’s the timeline looking like on users being able to select their cloud provider from the Blockstack Browser? With the traction a lot of the apps on Blockstack are getting, that question is coming up a lot more since we (the app devs) and Blockstack tout it heavily.

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Hey @jehunter5811,

I think @larry or @yukan can answer that better than I can. The high-level description of what has to happen is that the user needs to create a new zone file with their Gaia hub URL(s) and then broadcast it. IIRC it’s already possible to generate and broadcast new zone files from the Browser, but it’s currently disabled (since it’s basically just a text field and doesn’t yet help users check that their zone files are well-formed and point to real Gaia hubs).