dApp for location and Map service. (Please Vote: Your Opinion Matters)

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dApp location:
I agree with Muneeb’s post "the Owning the digital data, including messages, should be a right just like owning property is a right in the physical world."
I believe the information about “one’s where about” should be owned by user. In that case, location services which gives ‘where a person located’ to other apps like Taxi sharing, food ordering & hotel booking should be controlled by user. Also the 3rd party apps should not store user’s location history, trip history & current location with them.

Along with Blockstack’s ID, GAIA may be used with user’s personal choice of storage and then build a new open protocol for sharing user’s location information with dApps running on top.

dApp Maps:

For 3 purposes: 1) To get verified location while getting directions & no fakes 2) Not to disclose/ store all my trips in 3rd party app. Instead it needs to be encrypted & stored in user’s choice of data store. 3) Can be imported/ integrated with various dApps like AI autonomous vehicle, ride sharing, real estate, augmented reality and serving as a platform.

Currently most Map application are centralized, one organization controls the location inputs from users, gives back the direction / destination. But cannot be trusted or user cannot control the input or their data on it. Also these map applications are used by other apps which stores all user trip history. So this needs to be decentralized. consensus algorithm like “Proof of Location” can be used and Blockstack’s Gaia for storage.

Using Blockstack ID one should login, GAIA to manage storage and can be integrated with other dApps running on Blockstack using collection.

I have posted my idea in “Request a dApp” about this. I hope it will be considered and if good then developers are needed to build the Decentralized Application on Blockstack.

  • Do you think your location information should be owned by you & not stored in 3rd party ?
  • Do you want accurate location information from decentralized network rather than centralized player?

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Thanks @jackzampolin,

As I did some research, found out FOAM: https://foam.space/ built with Ethereum is providing “Proof of Location” and it is satisfying obtaining secure location independent of external centralized sources such as GPS through time synchronization. This is one of my requirement, in poll it is second option.

But still the main requirement of “Sharing location info with other dApps” is not been addressed by any dApps or protocol. This is something that we can be build with Blockstack.

@cryptocracy any feedback on this idea.

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I will have to meditate on your particular objectives

From my experience with Souq though, the user/app does a get to their preferred node, that includes their current location of their mobile device as a parameter in the call. That is used as the epicenter parameter of a radius query, against their own preferred nodes geospatial index (basically search by proximity where call uses jwt, and node does sig validation and enforcement before responding)

Their own preferred node progressively constructs a geospatial index out of all the registered projects, that are derived from the coordinates transparently stored in the zonefile of the registered name of the Projects. In order to provide the responses appropriately and privately.

Souq Side Note: enabling Project meta data to be fully encrypted including location data is a feature I want to implement. By doing so this would help facilitate private fund raising events as well. Things are not that far along yet though. My main focus upto this point has been geared towards public works projects, specifically repairing potholes.

We should most definitely talk more about this though, because it seems that this (dapp maps) would be a great addition to the Blockstack community and dapp ecosystem.

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Sure @cryptocracy, we will discuss on this and thanks for support.

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