DApp Developers’ Union

For me, many parties are building Blockstack: Blockstack PBC, core developers, dapp developers, and others. I often view the world abstractly. I see a big set of problems and the biggest is decentralized power/governance. With that, app mining program is just one solution for financial support dapp developers.

I think what we want solve is:

  • Decentralized power >>> easy peasy - just sharing power.

  • Financial dapp developers >>> in here we want fairness; fairness for app developers and fairness for Blockstack PBC - the company hold money of investors (so it’s loosely to say we want fairness for investors) >>> easy peasy - all parties just sit around a table and negotiate their willing.

Blockstack PBC is already a party/group/company. We just need form a dapp developers’ union.

How does that work?

The developers’ union provide a sets of demands for App Mining rules: { A, B, C, D, …, Z }

The Blockstack PBC provide a sets of demands for App Mining rules: { 1, 2, 3, 4, …, N }

The negotiations begin and it’s finished when both party are happy with the results.

Since both parties agree on things. If there’s any error on rules >>> it’s not a failure of one side. And you guys will fix it later.

Fairness are bounded in both parties views. Outsider (like me) can’t argue/criticize anything that both sides agreed on. And the beauty is dapp developers has some power over the system.

Of course, in order to do that dapp developers must form a union >>> just imaging, the whole dapp developers’ union want one thing badly >>> could Blockstack PBC reject it? :heart_eyes:

If this solution success >>> we can expanding to Core developers’ union…

I hope you found this be useful. Cheer!

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