D|World Tour - October Meetup Stops

Last October 2018, Blockstack visited Stamford, Vancouver, Seattle, Berlin, and DC for the Decentralizing the World Tour. :earth_americas:

In Stamford, we presented various business models on the decentralized internet frontier. Patrick Stanley led a lively and insightful discussion of the value of distributed applications and the dangers of the "old internet."

The Vancouver stop kicked off with Hank Stoever giving a technical overview for building a dAPP on Blockstack prior to the Decentralized Financial Wellness Hackathon where the teams smashed it and went in full swing with hacking and learning.

While in Berlin, Blockstack tackled the case against individual data ownership with the help of the brilliant minds of Ben Livshits from Brave, Shreyas Thiagarajasubramanian of Blockstack, and Arjun H. from NuCypher. They gave lightning talks about the key problems of individual data ownership. Ben discussed the challenges and opportunities of edge-based computing. Shreyas talked about the monetization issue and Arjun explicitly defined the technological hurdles associated with it.

In DC, we brought in Kristin Smith from Blockchain Association to answer all questions on Decentralization and Regulation. Lastly, Hank Stoever gave a workshop in building dAPPS for the IOT & Security Blockchain Hackathon in Seattle.

Where are we heading next? You might be in these cities. :world_map:

More information on our upcoming cities stops here

We would like to thank the following organizations for making this happen :point_down:


And a special shout out to these people for helping us with all these events.

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