Custom login flow

Currently the login flow requires redirecting user to where he can choose to install blockstack or use web login.
We would like to skip the above step and redirect to the user to the web login immediatly plus the whole process should be in a popup like login with google/facebook and so on.
Is something like that possible?

Additional color from Hadar:

We want the simplest UX experience, currently the web login has two problems as we see it:

  1. Redundant screen asking to install blockstack or use web login
  2. User redirected to blockstack website vs popup/overlay

We’re working on an update to send users directly to the web app, you can track the issue here:

This is something we’re going to be addressing in the next major iteration of the Browser desktop experience. If your mobile app integrates the Blockstack Android SDK or iOS SDK, the current sign in flow is already in a pop up.

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next major iteration

@yukan Have you got a timeline?

Well i’ve been able to solve it, looking at the code of redirectToSignInWithAuthRequest, it’s a simple matter of passing as the host argument.