Could Blockstack mean the future for internet free speech?

Ever since Obama did the traitorous deed of giving away ICANN to the UN and it no longer being an American company, internet free speech now lies within the hands of an international body.

After the events in Charlottesville took place, there’s been several websites being taken down which were deemed “hate speech”, a concept that is very unamerican and goes against the First Amendment.

It’s Good to know that we have all kinds of opensource, blockchain, and peer-to-peer services available as workarounds, but i have the feeling many here ignore the most potent danger, ISPs. As long as you are forced to recieve your IP from them and all your information runs through their backbone servers, can’t they just block all the packets they don’t want you to recieve/send? So most importantly is it possible to create some ISP workaround? Or make our own?

Will ICANN be able to do anything about our ability to free speech on blockstack?