Core Node Crashing

My node just barfed and can’t seem to restart it:
pi@pi3:~ $ tail -f .blockstack-server/blockstack-server.log
[2018-08-01 15:06:08,338] [DEBUG] [blockstackd:1909] (2037.1996400832) Optimistic GC thread start
[2018-08-01 15:06:08,346] [DEBUG] [namedb:91] (2037.1996400832) Connect to database ‘/home/pi/.blockstack-server/blockstack-server.db’
[2018-08-01 15:06:08,357] [ERROR] [indexer:234] (2037.1996400832) Unclean shutdown detected on read/write open
[2018-08-01 15:06:08,359] [ERROR] [namedb:207] (2037.1996400832) Failed to set up virtualchain state engine
[2018-08-01 15:06:08,359] [ERROR] [namedb:237] (2037.1996400832) Borrowing return violation: db is None
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/blockstack/lib/nameset/”, line 233, in release_readwrite_instance
assert blockstack_db is not None, “Borrowing return violation: db is None”
AssertionError: Borrowing return violation: db is None
[2018-08-01 15:06:08,366] [ERROR] [namedb:238] (2037.1996400832) FATAL: Borrowing-release violation

Hey @1HTz8vRS9szvMd2AwPvm,

Looks like you had an unclean shutdown sometime in the past. Can you try running blockstack-core stop and then blockstack-core restore before running blockstack-core start again? The node should have recovered on its own when you tried to start it again. I’ll take a look as to why this wasn’t the case.