Core: Add new end-point & let user sign a custom transaction

I’m developing an app that allows 2 users to exchange digital assets. I want to construct a custom transaction and let users sign it with private key via web UI.

Is that possible with current API? I checked blockstack.js but couldn’t find any API call for that. I’m considering making changes. I found some traces of private key usage in blockstack.js/src/auth/auth*.js but that’s for JWT.

I believe that the actual signing & spending is done in blockstack-core, so I need to extend it to provide a new /v1/xxx end-point.

I would appreciate any hint to construct custom transaction and request users to sign via web UI.


Hi @viet,

This sounds like a cool app — we’re currently working on releasing client-side transaction generation support via blockstack.js. You can track the progress here:

In particular, this adds functions in operations/skeletons.js and operations/txbuild.js for generated transaction templates/skeletons and building complete transactions. If you’re interested in custom-generated transactions, those will be the best places for you to start looking.

As far as timeframe goes, we’re currently reviewing that PR, and so it should hopefully land in the develop branch soon, and then make it’s way into one of the next releases.