With the user in control, how someone can report a copyrighted or illegal data hosted on Blockstack Gaia?
Who should be contacted? Blockstack Gaia Owner or App maker? As I undesrtand apps has not the data and they are hosted on provided Gaia hub.
How it can be removed? Or prevent sharing it

It would have to be the Gaia owner, as the App maker doesn’t have access to everyone’s keys (unless they design their app in a malicious way).

Technically the app could have a built in blacklist, but that could always be overridden by the client. The host of the data is where you would go to, which is the Gaia Hub.

Either the URL, domain, or Gaia host IP address can be blacklisted by the government or ISP, or the owner can be contacted and the data can be removed manually.

Gaia is censorship resistant, but not censorship proof.

You seems right, but this way my stolen content will be hosted for ever.
Can anyone from Blockstack comment on this?
@jude @muneeb

If you discover that stolen content is hosted on a particular Gaia hub, you can find out which jurisdiction is running that Gaia hub (as well as which storage system is being used to host the content) and send an appropriate take-down request. If the Gaia hub is using something like BitTorrent or the like to replicate the data, this may be more difficult – it really depends on how the hub operator has chosen to host the data.

What email address should I contact you?

[email protected]