Content block becoming real

Hi all, I just got a lot closer to the initial goal of Content Block which was to publish content from one app,, and consume it in another, This works by using the recently visited ‘apps’ which are returned from lookupUserProfile(username).

The ‘apps’ list gives you the app and the gaia hub storage locations and from there it is a simple get request to fetch (public) data the user has previously stored there. Next up I want to be able to do the same thing but running my own gaia hub and then build a simple blogging application.

I’m also fishing for some cool specifically helpful use cases; @hologram and @jehunter5811 expressed some interest in the possibilities and I’d very much appreciate any feedback or thoughts you might have about where to go from here?



Very cool Mike! I see that on the profile page shows the appPrivateKey. Is this being stored or just displayed to the user? Either way, it’s probably not something you want to expose in the UI. I don’t want to accidentally leave a screen open that someone can just write down my key.

If it is being stored, is it encrypted?

Hi @jehunter5811 - on the private key, I’m not storing it but just exploring the data structures - will remove it asap - thanks for the heads up.


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