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I bought the original blockstack stx back in 2017 and trying to access my account. Does anyone have an email address of someone i can speak to about accessing my account?
Thank you

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Hi Josh,

Two email addresses for you.
[email protected] Blockstack PBC split up and renamed to Hiro, there are still some knowledgeable people there who know more about the token offerings.

[email protected] is another option. The first wallet for Blockstack was the Stacks Wallet. Which renamed to Hiro Wallet in 2021 with the Launch of Stacks 2.0. And in August 2023 the Wallet team moved from Hiro to an independent company (Leather Wallet LLC) under the Trust Machines umbrella.

Let me also try to answer your question here. At the time of participating in the ICO, you would have set up a Stacks Wallet to generate a new Secret Key and a public Key (the public key is the Stacks Address, starting with SP…). The secret key would have been a 24 word mnemonic seed phrase or hardware device.

That same Seed Phrase (Secret Key) can be used in the latest leather wallet to restore access to your funds (funds are stored on the blockchain). The Desktop wallet will likely have the most familiar feel compared to the first Stacks wallet. Install Desktop Bitcoin Wallet App | Leather Wallet

Although currently the browser extension is more popular and has more functions. Install Wallet Browser Extension - Bitcoin App | Leather

When you contact Hiro or Leather feel free to share a link to this conversation. To proceed privately from where this is now.

Happy stacking!