Consensus 2015 + Makeathon, September 8 - 10th

Just a two days before Blockstack Summit, on September 10th CoinDesk is organizing the Consensus 2015 conference in NYC. CoinDesk is offering Blockstack members 20% off Consensus 2015 tickets for individuals, and 50% off tickets for groups of three or more.

Perhaps most exciting to Blockstackers is the Consensus 2015 Makeathon that’s starting two days before Consensus 2015, on September 8 - 9 at General Assembly in NYC.

From the Makeathon event page: “If you’re clued up on a particular area like compliance, financial needs of unbanked populations or the inner workings of the global asset-clearing and settlement system, you’re who we’re looking for.”

All Makeathon participants will receive a free ticket to Consensus 2015, and the winning team gets a $3000 cash prize.

Applications for the Makeathon are closing in 24 hours, so if you’re interested in participating, apply now!