Connecting gaia network node with Blockstack account


I’m interested in running my own gaia node to store encrypted application data locally. I’ve got the node up and running locally. Now question is how do i connect it with my Blockstack account? Could not find documentation on that and in the Blockstack settings storage change is disabled.

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Hey @Richy,

You should be able to set your Gaia hub URL in the API settings page. If you’re running one locally, you’ll need to run a (small) HTTP server alongside it to serve the files you write, and configure your readURL to point to base URL from which they will be served.

We’re working on making this process more straightfoward.

As mentioned I’ve got the Gaia node up and running, problem is that in Blockstack browser ( i can not use my own storage (connect Gaia node with my account) because the button Disconnect default storage (free storage hub provided by Blockstack PBC) is disabled.

I think you want this link: Look for the Gaia hub setting. However, please also be aware of this:

Unfortunately, what you’re trying to do is somewhat difficult at this time. We’re working on making it easier (with the above PR and with a few others).